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Myrddin Emerys or Emrys Wledig, " The man born in Maesaleg in Glywysing/ Glamorgan."

When Geoffrey of Monmouth tells us in his History of the Kings of Britain, he combined a figure named Myrddin, who was a sixth century bard also called a figure named Ambrosius, a boy spawned by a demon gifted with prophecy. According to Nennius' history, Ambrosius was sent for by Vortigern as a sacrifice to the gods so that he could build a stable tower at Dinas Emraise, sometmimes called Dinas Emrys, which, is also the Welsh spelling for Ambrosius--Emrys. Ambrosius was able to escape being sacrificed by telling Vortigern that there were two dragons buried under the hill, two dragons that had been fighting for centuries--the Red Dragon and the White. Vortigern let them out, and they destroyed each other, the Red killing the White, but losing its life in the process. Ambrose explained the the Red Dragon was the British, and specifically, a British leader, and the White Dragon was the Saxon invaders, with whom Vortigern had certain dealings.


The Britians would be victorius against the Saxons, but only for so long, and their leader would die at their hands. this is later applied to Arthur who dies of the age of 80 years old in Brittany, who put a red dragon on his banner, and the Red Dragon of Wales is now seen on the Welsh flag.


The bard Myrddin has several poems attributed to him in The Black Book of Carmarthen, poems of the Black Book attributed to Myrddin are:


Gwin y Bid hi y Fedwen: "The Birch Trees"

Yr Afallennau: "The Apple Trees"

Yr Oianau: "The Greetings"


Emrys Wledig dies just after he awards Arthwyr, who is 14, the responsiblity of Battle Leader of the Brythionic tribes, who goes on to fight 12 descive battles against The Saxons and 3 Pictish kings, and the last battle Camlan where he kills his cousin, his older brother dies at Dragon hill, Urthyr!

A Meteor heralds the death of Myrddin, and it is said that the sword Arthwyr calls his sword Calad-Bolg, ("Hard Lightning" but it is also known as Caladfwlch) is made from the Meteor, its magnetic iron materials make it indistructable and it sings a song that flows from the blade when swung. It replaces the old sword of his ancient family line, the ancient sword handed down had broken during a minor battle!

The most important prophacy from Myrddin for Cymry is that , Two White Eagles will fly over Snowdon at the time of our peoples freedom.

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