Camulos I am, the God of War to the Silwriadd.


The child of Don's children, I am one. We are the ancient ones, the wise ones, the shining ones, the hidden ones.


The lord of the hunt I am, the aspect of male nature, and of fertility. Many names I have, Amaethon, being one, the very nurser of seeds.


My children my young trees call me Gwyn ap Nudd, the cheiftains call me Camulos I who live in the Oak the mighty defense forts I give to Ynys Prydain.


They are tended by the Druids, the oak-keepers. I am the Protector of the mighty Brythonic Island. My people, gave a home to HenWen. She in turn gave a gift of wheat and bees to my people in the land of Gwent as a reward for their kindness. Little did they know, I sent her as a test for them to be my chosen tribe.


After leaving she gave birth to cat, but that's another story! 

Below is the poem I left for them.

The Prophetic singing of Camulos

Ofn yw Camulos ym ymreudyddion dynion.

Fear is Ardduc (The Dark One) in the dreams of men.


Twym gallon i'r tylwyth ffyddlon.

Warm hearted to the faithful tribe.


Oer ei fwriad ator gelyn.

Cold is his intent toward the enemy.


Brwd ei ddial ar y bradwr.

Enthusiastic his revenge on the traitor.


Addewid adfywiad yw Camulos. 

Camulos' is the promise of rebirth.


Awgrynir gan sybryd arwel tirian a sws 'Don'.


Suggested by the gentle whisper on the breeze and the kiss of Don.


Gan-Aros Mae.