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Shwmae, how are you?


My name is Aneirin and I am a Derwydd, or Druid, and I am a Story teller. I am a Bardd, or Bard, a master in the oral tradition of poetry:


Within our ancient consciousness are the people without written word, She the land Earth Modron, the narrator of our story.


Our ancestors' secrets buried within her, our poems are the echoes of our hearts song in the deeds of remembered history.


The Earth Mother the provider is the giver of our past to those she chooses to dig for her treasures in the present and the future.


My War God is `Camulos', The Dark One). He has many names, (such as Arwan). He is also the male God of nature and fertility.


I am a servant to the Silures my tribe, and if you are from Glamorganwg or Gwent then you are one of our Teulu or family? But we Croeso or welcome all that need our beirdd or Druids guild, and we will offer you our services at a price?


We, the poets, tell or paint in your imagination picture-words. We tell of Gwent’s heroic times of power and kings. It is our ethnic native hanes or history of magical tales of our Gwerin or folklore. We weave the tales in two languages, Cymraeg a Saesneg or Welsh and English.

We wish to raise awareness of our culture and traditions.

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