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Bran Fendigaid

Published on 29 Apr 2012


Bran Fendigaid, pennaith (Cheiftain) of the Silures of Gwent and Glamorgwg, also Uchen Pennaith o Ynys Prydain (King of Welsh tribes of Britain), sent some of his best Warriors to fight against the Romans in the amalgamated tribe called the Pict's the painted people.


Dunnock one of the best Warriors was captured by the Romans and put into the 9th legion, he was sent to his home land in Gwent to fight in the battle of Hoel coch, (Red road) in Blaenafon, the Romans were heavily defeated, the stragglers tried to get to Caerleon to safety but were found in Drain twyn (Thornhill) in the realm of Bran, Dunnock was captured and brought to face his people his tribe, and Brennin Bran...!


And yes the time lines are stretched but like the English with our History has got Artistic license , but take a look at the dashing young Silurian Warrior in the Roman Helmet with fox covering, he should be signed to a major label like Warner, or United artists,lol! Is the caption.

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